All matters connected with people hired in a company must be handled in compliance with binding labour law regulations that impose several additional obligations on employers. On accepting your order for handling HR & Payroll services, we take responsibility of constant monitoring of changing regulations and adjusting internal regulations in the company accordingly. We represent you at ZUS (Social Insurance Company), US (Tax Office), PFRON (State Fund of Rehabilitation of Handicapped People) and other institutions connected with HR management. While handling HR & Payroll matters we guarantee confidentiality and security of all information entrusted to us.

Within the offer we:

  • calculate remuneration in compliance with legal regulations and company rules
  • make payrolls along with calculation of tax and ZUS impositions
  • settle employment contracts and civil law agreements
  • set up and handle employee's personnel file or supervise handling employee's personnel file
  • set entitlement for vacation leaves
  • calculate and record vacation leave, absences and other work leaves
  • control that medical examination is done on time by employees
  • make certificates of employment
  • calculate seizures by a bailiff from employees’ remuneration and prepare letters on seizures by a bailiff
  • prepare and send to ZUS and PFRON registration, update and deregistering documentation
  • prepare and send tax returns, information and statements concerning people hired to government institutions (US, ZUS, GUS,PFRON etc.)
  • calculate statutory liabilities (US, ZUS, PFRON etc.) and provide proper information in time possible for timely settlement
  • contact government institutions (US, ZUS,PFRON etc.) in matters concerning employees
  • take part in controlling proceedings of government institutions connected with matters regarding hired people
  • make reports and prepare simulations of costs of remuneration according to the criteria provided by the employer